Western Norway

Western Norway

Fjords, mountains and apple blossoms

Western Norway is characterized by the long, deep fjords, lush landscapes, steep mountains and cascading waterfalls.

The fjord districts of Western Norway are magical, especially when countless apple and cherry blossoms unfold in May. Scattered along the fjords, small farms and settlements are clinging on to the green, lush hillsides. Picturesque villages such as Ulvik by the Hardangerfjord and Aurland and Balestrand by the Sognefjord, invite you to slow your pace even more and explore the villages on foot.  
In addition to the majestic landscape perfect for various activities, you can also find many historical monuments and sites well worth a visit.

An ÉCONOMUSÉE® is an enterprise that operates in the field of fine crafts or the agri-food sector and uses authentic know-how in their production. The concept allows artisans to open their workshops to the general public so they can share their knowledge and passion and sell products made on site. It contributes to the preservation of traditional knowledge to enhance cultural diversity, and it benefits the local communities. 

Our Économusées in Western Norway welcome you to visit their work shops, and several of the artisans offer guided tours, tastings and other activities. Please, do not hesitate to contact the Économusées directly if you have any questions.


Photo: Fjord Norge, Robin Strand


Places to visit in Western Norway

Bergen and the region

Founded in the late 11th century, the city of Bergen was once the biggest and busiest trades’ town in Scandinavia. Bergen was the capital of Norway until 1299.

Walking the city today you still find an abundance of remnants from the Middle Ages, both as ruins in the ground and still existing buildings. Hanseatic tradesmen had a significant part in Bergen from the 1300s, with their big interest in the Norwegian stockfish. Stockfish from Northern Norway was shipped across Europe and Africa, leaving traces still sizzling on European stoves today. Bryggen in Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a main attraction. 

With Bergen as a starting point, you have a large number of activities and opportunities to choose from, and many interesting sites to visit. The natural surroundings of the area with its fjords and mountains are world famous and a treat for anybody with a taste for the great outdoors.

In, and near Bergen you can visit several great Économusée: Arven silverfactory, Stine Hoff glass, Oleana textiles, Hillesvåg wool, Oselvarverkstaden wooden boats, Tønnegården barrels and Fjordtønna barrels.

Photo: Bergen Reiselivslag - visitBergen.com


Sogn & Fjordane 

The Sognefjord is the world’s longest fjord, reaching from the soft coastline to the dramatic snow-covered mountain peaks in Jotunheimen. 

The major attraction of the Sognefjord area is the power of its nature and all that is connected to it. Sognefjord offers a broad range of natural phenomena, with the widest and narrowest of fjords, lush valleys, towering mountain ranges and blue glaciers. You will also find anything from isolated mountain farms to quaint, picturesque fruit-growing villages, old stave churches and modern towns.

In the area you can visit two Économusée: Aurland shoe factory and Ciderhuset.

Next generation cider producer checking the apples in the orchard at Ciderhuset. Photo: Tuba Ardic/Ciderhuset 



The district of Hardanger is a magical place, especially when countless apple and cherry blossoms unfold in May. They are just as dazzling as the glacier and snow-topped mountains. Seize the opportunity to travel the fjord by boat – or the county’s coast for that matter. Slate-roofed farmhouses blend beautifully with the fertile cultural landscape along the Hardangerfjord.

Tourists from all over Europe already visited Hardanger in the 19th century. Today the nature experiences are just as magnificent and beautiful as they were then, with waterfalls, fjords, mountains and glaciers. Enjoy!

In Hardanger you can visit the lovely Économusee Syse gard (farm).

Photo: CH - Visitnorway.com


Møre & Romsdal

Møre & Romsdal has a dramatic coastline, long fjords, alpine mountains and lush valleys. The rugged mountains give you a perfect opportunity for an active holiday, as they rise nearly 2,000 metres right up from the sapphire blue fjords. You can also experience the vibrant towns of Ålesund, Kristiansund and Molde – the town of roses, or the impressive attractions like Trollstigen and the Atlantic road.

In Møre & Romsdal you can visit three Économusée: Bunad Verksted, Mylnå electric mill and Tingvollost dairy farm.


Photo: Fjord Norge, Paul Edmundson