Western Norway

Western Norway

Fjords, glaciers, apple blossoms and stave churches

The Sognefjord is the world’s longest fjord, reaching from the soft coastline to the dramatic snow-covered mountain peaks in Jotunheimen.  The fjord districts of Western Norway are magical, especially when countless apple and cherry blossoms unfold in May. They are just as dazzling as the glacier and snow-topped mountains. 

Picturesque villages such as Ulvik and Utne, and the old hamlet of Agatunet, invite you to slow your pace even more and explore on foot. At Norheimsund, there is a museum where some of the finest boat-builders in Norway have restored many wooden vessels. Viewing the Barony in Rosendal for the first time is like rediscovering a wonderful old memory. In its impressive Renaissance gardens, you can sometimes enjoy fine concerts. Another cultural venue of note is Mosterhavn, where historical plays are staged in an amphitheatre with beautiful surroundings.


Places to visit in Western Norway


Founded in the late 11th century, the city of Bergen was once the biggest and busiest trades’ town in Scandinavia. Bergen was the capital of Norway until 1299.

Walking the city today you still find an abundance of remnants from the Middle Ages, both as ruins in the ground and still existing buildings. Hanseatic tradesmen had a significant part in Bergen from the 1300s, with their big interest in the Norwegian stockfish. Stockfish from Northern Norway was shipped across Europe and Africa, leaving traces still sizzling on European stoves today.

Visiting Bergen, you have a large number of activities to choose from, and many interesting sites to visit. The natural surroundings of the area with its fjords and mountains are world famous and a treat for anybody with a taste for the great outdoors.

Bryggen in Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a main attraction  http://www.visitbergen.com 


Voss, situated between the most famous fjords in Norway; the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord, is a natural starting point for ‘soft to extreme’ adventures all year round. A wide range of challenges are waiting for you – at all levels. Accept the challenge!



The district of Hardanger is a magical place, especially when countless apple and cherry blossoms unfold in May. They are just as dazzling as the glacier and snow-topped mountains. Seize the opportunity to travel the fjord by boat – or the county’s coast for that matter. Slate-roofed farmhouses blend beautifully with the fertile cultural landscape along the Hardangerfjord.

Tourists from all over Europe already visited Hardanger in the 19th century. Today the nature experiences are just as magnificent and beautiful as they were then, with waterfalls, fjords, mountains and glaciers. Enjoy!



Sunnfjord and Nordfjord

Experience the coast of Florø and Måløy, Briksdalsglacier in Olden og Kjenndalsglacier inLoen. 




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Photo: Tuba Ardic/Ciderhuset

Photo: Fjord Norge, Paul Edmundson

Photo: Bergen Reiselivslag - visitBergen.com

Photo: Fjord Norge, Robin Strand