Jämtland, Sweden

Jämtland, Sweden

Jämtland has a rich heritage of traditional craft and is world renowned for high gastronomic quality. The region provides infinite possibilities for nature based experiences both summer and winter!

In countryside folk museums you'll find exhibits of local traditional craft and artifacts. The collections at Jamtli Historyland in Östersund is a treasure chest for those looking to learn more about regional culture and history. Browse archeological finds, old and contemporary art, photographs and an exceptional textile collection crowned by the fantastic thousand year old Överhogdal tapestries.

Östersund and the county have been selected by UNESCO as Creative City of Gastronomy, and the region brims with small scale food producers who work with food from farm to fork. Visit farm shops and sample cheese, bread, jam, ale, honey and other local delicacies!

Adventurous visitors will surely enjoy hiking along easy paths or challenging alp tracks, or ice skating on nature ice in the lovely early spring sun. Go fishing in calm mountain lakes or in streams, meet excotic animals such as muskox or moose. Go cross country skiing in world class tracks or alpine skiing in some of the best slopes in Sweden.

Don't miss events such as the Storsjöyran music festival in the summer or the World Champinonships in biathlon and alpine skiing in the winter.

Key destinations!


Östersund is a buzzing little city on the shores of Lake Storsjön, packed with adventures and events year round. With its gastronomic heritage, cultural attractions, sports and musical events, in stunningly beautiful surroundings, Östersund is certainly worth a visit.

During the winter Östersund grows larger as Lake Storsjön freezes over. Östersund is also called Vinterstaden, the Winter Town. In Vinterparken, within a snowball’s throw of the main square you find Medvinden with a tour-skating course, cross-country ski tracks and walking trails. The slalom pistes on the island Frösön opposite Östersund offers great skiing with town views.


Åre is Northern Europe´s largest and most advanced and diverse alpine sport resort, with skiing and a wide variety of other sports and activities to suit every possible preference and level of skill.

In summer, the area is transformed into a centre for alpine summer sports such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing and river rafting. Åre is also a main hub for fly fishers, with many attractive rivers, rapids and lakes in the proximity.


Vildmarksvägen, the Wilderness Road, might be the most beautiful round trip in Sweden. Around 500 kilometres long, it loops from Strömsund in Northern Jämtland northwest over the spectacular mountain plateau "Stekenjokk" into the South of Lappland and from Vilhelmina eventually back southwards to Strömsund.

Along the way, through areas with an exceptionally high bear density, you will find breathtaking natural spectacles, the culture of the Sami and get a taste of Northern Swedish hospitality. If you venture onto smaller roads or trails, you will be treated to even more magical views, charming rivers and waterfalls hidden from everyone but the stray adventurer.

The Vilmarksvägen area is as big as one third of Scotland, but has only 22.000 inhabitants (that's less than one inhabitant per square kilometer!)


In the middle of the birch tree forests in Jämtland, where previously sheep grazed and brushwood grew, stands today a piece of Thailand. A Thai pavillion tempting with culture and history. It resembles an exotic piece of jewellery in white and gold and is the only one of its kind outside Thailand. The pavilion is without doubt one of Sweden’s most remarkable and stunning buildings .When King Chulalongkorn visited Sweden in 1897 he travelled in a horse-drawn cart on the road leading past the site.

For more info about sights and possibilities when visiting jämtland, visit www.jamtland.se!