Discover the world through artisans

Each ÉCONOMUSÉE is carefully concocted to make your visit memorable. Whether it's outside on the potch, inside the front doors, or woven through the garden, the RECEPTION area is where you meet the artisan or one of their helpers, and get oriented to their trade and to the working studio you're about to explore.

Atlantic Canada

There are four provinces in Atlantic Canada - each with its own array of fascinating and quirky things to see and do. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are home to the highest tides in the world. Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland both showcase distinct and fascinating island cultures.

British Columbia, Canada

Nestled along Canada's West Coast, the Vancouver Island region is a paradise of tranquil islands, pristine coastlines, and emerald forests, where the ever-present Pacific Ocean shapes the scenery and softens the climate.

Causeway Coast and Glens, Northern Ireland

To witness the drama of Ireland’s Causeway Coast and Glens is to walk with the ancient spirits of its deep glens and experience a unique blend of majesty and sheer beauty. You won’t just walk or drive through this land: you will take a journey of the spirit.

Connemara and Lakelands, Ireland

Discover the awe-inspiring landscapes, flora and fauna, heritage, culture and people in one of Ireland’s most iconic destinations. Islands, the ocean, beautiful beaches, grassland, bog, lake and mountain, in Connemara you will always be able to find something that interests you.

Faroe Islands

Because of the beauty of nature, the weather, the people and culture, the National Geographic acclaimed the Faroe Islands to one of the most interesting and exotic destinations in the world. Due to the isolated location, the Faroe Islands has managed to preserve its distinct culture and language which has its roots in the Old Norse languages from the Viking Age.


Crowded airports, busy fishing ports, high-rise buildings, modern enterprises, educational institutions, cafés and cinemas. And a remote Arctic society that is only sparsely populated. Amazingly, Greenland is all of these things at once, and the contrast between old and new is striking.


A land of boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, glaciers and waterfalls is also an adventure playground. The pure and unpolluted, breathtaking landscape is a truly magical inspiration to artists and photographers.

Jämtland, Sweden

Jämtland has a rich heritage of traditional craft and is world renowned for high gastronomic quality and the region brims with small scale food producers who work with food from farm to fork. Jämtland also provides infinite possibilities for nature based experiences both summer and winter.

Quebec, Canada

A unique history, language and culture make Quebec an exceptional tourist destination. It origins are steeped in a wealth of contributions from Aboriginal nations and settlers from France, the British Isles and elsewhere, resulting in a creative blend of European and North American influence.

Western Norway

Western Norway often astounds travellers by its variety – from fjord to glacier, from towns teeming with cultural offerings to the solitude of mountain plateaus. When countless apple and cherry blossoms unfold in May, they are just as dazzling as the glacier and snow-topped mountains!