The silverfactory Arven lets you experience some of the Bergen's best gold - and silversmiths at work, creating precious metal into true pieces of art.


The gold- and silverfactory Arven is situated in a historic setting, between St. Mary's Church and Bergenhus Fortress. The silverfactory has for nearly 150 years produced silverware in the center of Bergen. At Arven you can experience our craftsmen at work, creating timeless silver-cutlery, beautiful interior items and unique gold- and silver jewelry. You will also find a giftshop with all the items produced on site.


Visitors can experience some of the city's best gold - and silversmiths at work,  creating precious metal into true pieces of art.

Timeless silver-cutlery, beautiful interior décor items, and unique jewelry, all created by experienced artisans.

Arven is a national manufacturer of silver - and gold products, and has since 1868 delivered quality craftsmanship.

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The items are distributed through Norway’s leading jewelers, and many Norwegian families have for generations enjoyed their dinners with beautiful silverware from Bergen.

Famous and cherished designs, such as the Stork children cutlery and Rose silverware are still among our bestsellers, after more than 100 years in the market.

Arven has been granted status as an Économusée, an international network of artisans, whose purpose is to preserve traditional crafts.

The Arven Économusée will give you an insight into the centuries-long silver - and goldsmith history of Bergen, and experience our current production, where traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern techniques.

We also offer a beautiful giftshop, where you’re able to buy the items produced on site.


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Economusée opening hours

Monday – Saturay: 10:00 – 16:00


Arven 1868
Sandbrogaten 11
5003 Bergen




+47 55 55 14 30

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