Oleana was founded in 1992, with the aim of creating new jobs in Norway's textile industry. Most of Western Europe’s production had by that time moved to countries with far cheaper labour, but we wanted to show that it is still possible to produce textiles of good quality in a high-cost country like Norway. We have always tended towards alternative thinking and going against the main-stream.

Oleana is delighted that after 20 years in the market, we continue to grow. As the world changes, we believe that a very positive future lies ahead of us. People all over the world are becoming more aware of what they buy. By thinking more about the choices we make when we shop, we can share in taking care of our planet. Clothes made from natural fibres,- like wool and silk,- are good environmental choices.

It is becoming more important for us to buy clothing that is produced in a responsible manner. We can no longer accept the humiliating circumstances that many women and children work under in order to produce inexpensive textile products. Oleana's collection is produced in our own factory in Norway. "Fair made" is a slogan we believe we can take pride in using.

Oleana uses the best natural-fibre materials such as merino wool, silk and alpaca. We try to pass on the interesting combinations of fabrics found in the Norwegian native costume culture. Everything from Oleana is knitted and sewn at our own factory in Ytre Arna, just outside Bergen, but the textile industry is international. We therefore buy raw materials from around the world. We get our wool knitting yarn from Norway, merino wool/silk yarn from Italy, alpaca yarn from Peru, silk material from Thailand and India, wool/alpaca material from Austria, and various materials in wool blends from France.

Welcome to the factory by the fjord!

There is now light in all the windows in the old textile mill by the fjord. Arne Fabrikker, founded in 1846, was the first textile mill on the west coast of Norway and grew to be the biggest one in the country. This was the very start of the industrialism in West Norway. In 1978 the light was turned off.

Oleana has now opened the doors to show how it looks when Norway’s still youngest textile factory has moved to one of the oldest ones. Every day we get this special feeling of being a part of a long and proud historical context, as the textile industry is the oldest industry in the world.

Photo: Morten Heiselberg

Photo: Morten Heiselberg

More than 70 employees have their workday at Oleana and this has given new optimism to the old industrial village in Ytre Arna. Oleana is the only knitting factory in the country which is still knitting and sewing all their products in Norway. Our doors are open so that people can walk around and see the products being made. May be you would like to shop or relax and have a cup of coffee in “The Dye house” whilst you rest your eyes at the fjord just outside the big windows.

Our hope is that a visit to “Oleana, the factory by the fjord” will be a good experience!  Our production is open until 03.00 pm. Monday to Friday. It will be a good idea to place your visit during those hours if you want to see how an Oleana garment is knitted, linked and sown together.  

Photo: Morten Heiselberg

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