TUTL the Faroese music hub became an Economusée in 2013, the worhshop and TUTL shop situated on the main street of Tórshavn, Capital of Faroe Island. When you visit TUTL you can experience the width of Faroese music, from the original roots to the modern composers and artistic experiment.

TUTL has played a very important role in the collection, preservation and dissemination of traditional Faroese music. Without the work of TUTL a great deal of the knowledge about the Faeroe music tradition would have disappeared. Therefore TUTL is the leading representative and distributor of Faroese music.

TUTL was founded in 1977 by the Danish jazz musician and composer Kristian Blak. TUTL is Faroese and means whisper, susurration. TUTL has been an association collectively owned by musicians and composers, but in 2012 TUTL became a limited company.

As an Economusée TUTL gives you the opportunity to hear Faroes music and learn about the local music culture and its history. But TUTL will also give you the opportunity to hear and see authentic and original Faroese song and dance out in the settlements in the periphery, in churches and other sites.

Traditional Faroese music is primarily vocal, and is not accompanied by musical instruments. Only in Tórshavn instruments like Fiddles were present in the older days. When trade grew in the 20th century the Faroese started to use imported musical instruments. Much of the imported music and instruments remained popular only in the capital and largest city, Tórshavn. Rural peoples remained true to traditions of the chain dance and ballads.

The Economusée concept of TUTL connects the activities in the capital and peripheral areas. It creates great opportunities for a complete experience, especially if you want to combine the visit with other Économusée in rural areas of Faroe Island.

In short

Economusée opening hours

Daily: 10 – 17.30, otherwise by appointment.


Niels Finsensgøta 9 C
FO -100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands






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