The Wool Spinning Mill - MONA ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Wool Spinning Mill - MONA ÉCONOMUSÉE®

You find the Spinning Mill Mona in the heart of Klaksvik. It is located in a renovated historic building, which was built in 1946 as a spinning mill. The building is architecturally interesting, as well as historically. The renovation of the building is expected to be completed in the summer of 2014 and the Economusée - the Spinning Mill Mona will be launched then.

The Spinning Mill project started in 2004, after the previous owner Mona Olsen died, 84 years old. Mona had spun yarn with the nearly 100 year old machines since 1967, and had built up an expertise and knowledge around Faroese wool and wool craft. The new owners promised Mona to keep the Faroese textile and wool tradition alive, and to pass it on to the next generation.

In 2011, just before the Economusée was to be launched, the economic crisis hit and resulted in a necessary relocation. We are looking forward to a very exciting result and a new opening in the new and renovated location. Something that must be experienced!

The woollen products

The philosophy behind Mona’s products is to give the customer a feeling of the pure and raw nature of the Faroe Islands, as well as the comfort that only this very special wool can provide.

During production there is a strong emphasis on treating the raw material gently. The products of Mona are organic and retaina high heat-regulating capacity by preserving the natural content of lanolin in the wool.

With the concept of Economusée, the Spinning Mill Mona, will ensure that Mona's dream will be fulfilled and ensure that the wool handcraft and tradition survive.

The layout of the Spinning Mill, the workshop and exhibition will be designed so the customer can learn about the product, and see spinners at work. Mona will provide the opportunity to experience traditional wool craft as well as the new trend in knitting and development of designs and patterns.

As a visitor you will learn a lot about the Faroese wool handcraft tradition, and get an experience that you will always remember.

In short

Economusée opening hours

The Spinning Mill will open as an Économusée in autumn 2018


Klingrugarður 7
FO - 700 Klaksvík
Faroe Islands



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