Scullion Hurls ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Scullion Hurls ÉCONOMUSÉE®


Nestled in the heart of the north Antrim village of Loughguile where hurling is the life blood of the community, Scullion Hurls Économusée is a family run business with over 30 years’ experience in the production of hand finished hurls. Joe Scullion originally began producing hurls as a hobby in the late seventies. Following the success of the Loughgiel Shamrocks in the All Ireland Hurling Club Final 1983 Joe began producing hurls on a full-time basis.

Throughout the nineties, the business continued to produce hurls until Joe decided to retire. In 2003 his son Micheal took the reigns and full production recommenced. In time Micháel’s brother Denis joined the business. With the emphasis, still on quality, only the best root ash is selected then seasoned before being machined and hand finished in the Loughguile workshop.
Hurling is believed to be the world’s oldest field game. When the Celts came to Ireland as the last ice age was receding, they brought with them a unique culture, their own language, music, script and unique pastimes. One of these pastimes was a game now called hurling.
Over time the shape of the hurl has changed from a narrower stick, like those used in hockey or shinty, to the modern-day hurl with its broad end or bas (boss) which allows players to lift and run with the ball at speed.


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Hurling is a way of life in Ireland. The tradition and passion for the game is particularly intense in the small community      of Loughgiel. The Scullion family share this passionate enthusiasm. Joe senior, although a late starter hurled for several years on the Loughgiel teams and later became involved in coaching and management. Sons, Micheál, Denis, Martin and Joey all played for the Loughgiel Shamrocks team at one time or another. Brothers Martin and Joey were on the Loughgiel Shamrocks team that went on to win its second All Ireland Hurling Club final in March 2012, making it the only Ulster club to have achieved this phenomenal success.

Scullion Hurls can boast a proud association with the triumphant team as many hurled with Scullion Hurls.
During a visit to the Économusée workshop you will have the opportunity to meet Michéal, watch him at work, hear what inspired the Scullion family to establish the business and purchase one of many handcrafted gifts on display.

Scullion Hurls

Scullion Hurls was launched as the third Économusée in the United Kingdom on 25th April 2013

Group tours must be made in advance either by email or telephone (fees apply)

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Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
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16 Lough Road, Loughguile,
Ballymena, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland BT44 9JN




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