Pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la poterie

Pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la poterie

A wheel, a kiln, some good clay and many hours spent shaping pieces that evoke the shapes of other cultures epitomized by human and animal representations: this is what the pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE® is all about.

Artisan José Drouin brings together four essential elements: earth, water, air and fire, to which she adds light through colour. She creates pieces that are turned and shaped by hand, then reduction-fired in a gas kiln or using the raku technique.

Quite the show!

At Ne faites pas l’autruche, raku firing is a genuine five-step choreography in which José and Marie-Ange perform very precise and perfectly complementary gestures to avoid being disagreeably surprised by the whims of the flames.

For all tastes

The pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE® is located in Montérégie, a region south of the Island of Montréal and midway between Québec City and Ottawa. The Montérégie region is characterized by rich touristic diversity and a unique blend of culture, agriculture and heritage. Whatever the season, Montérégie provides unforgettable getaways for everyone to enjoy and a wide array of attractions and fascinating experiences (www.tourisme-monteregie.qc.ca).

Montérégie is also home to two other ÉCONOMUSÉE®: the porcelain making ÉCONOMUSÉE® (www.porcelainesbousquet.qc.ca) and the slumping glass ÉCONOMUSÉE® (www.studiodesverriers.com).

In short

Economusée opening hours

May to December:
Monday to Friday – 9 am to Noon
Saturday and Sunday – 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm
December 16 to January 8: upon reservation
January 9 to February 15: closed
February 16 to April 30: upon reservation
Guided tours for groups (minimum 6 persons) upon reservation: $6/person.


581, chemin de la Montagne
Mont-Saint-Hilaire QC
J3G 4S6






450 464-0576

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