Oselvarverkstaden ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Oselvarverkstaden ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Oselvarverkstaden – The Oselvar Boatyard – is a foundation, founded 1997 to save the craft of building the traditional Oselvar boat, and to bring the knowledge and skill over to new generations of boat builders. Until summer 2012 the boat yard has built 75 boats of different size and for different use.

Four skilled boat builders are employed at the boat yard, three men and one woman. They build new boats on order and repair old ones, and they are doing some experiments and documentation work as well.

The Oselvar boat is a traditional rowing boat, a small, clinker built boat, developed in Os in Hordaland, Western Norway. It has its roots back to Viking Era and even before that, and for a long period it was the main fishing boat at the coast of Hordaland county. It has been used for all sorts of transportation of people and goods as well. The most remarkable thing about the boat today is that it has been built continuously for hundreds of years.

The craft has been turned over from generation to generation of boat builders in an unbroken chain, and the boat builders at the boatyard are in that chain! The skill has developed in a close connection between the boat builder and the user. As a result of that the boat builders at the boatyard to day are able to build a boat perfectly fit for the purpose!

The Économusée Oselvarverkstaden, opened 2009, is situated at Osøyro, the centre of Os municipality, at the bank of Oselva, close to the river mouth and the fjord. The distance to Bergen City Centre and to Bergen Airport, Flesland, is 30 kilometre. Osøyro is a town of approximately 10 000 inhabitants. It is the little seaside settlement which has grown to a modern, small town. The river mouth is a part of the town centre. Visitors will find a modern town with a variety of shops, an art gallery in The Ancient Council Building and the modern Oseana Art and Culture Centre with a concert hall and art museum.

All over the town centre you will find a number of sculptures, in the roundabout as well. Most of these sculptures are a result of the biennial Os International Sculpture Symposium, which has been arranged since 1999.

All photos by Vidar Langeland.

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