In the magnificent scenery of Trøllanes village is Kallsgarður and Mikkjal´s Smithy. Mikkjal invites you to discover the history of the Faroese blacksmith craft from the vikings and up until present time.

Mikkjal is a young man in Trøllanes with a love for smithy work. He started working in an old abandoned smithy where even the forge had been removed. His skills as an artisan soon made him in demand as blacksmith in Kalsoy.  Eventually, he acquired tools and experience. In 1994 he built a new production hall part of which was fitted out as a modern smithy.

Mikkjal fell in love with art metalwork and began making iron railings and banisters. The demand is steadily increasing and most of Mikkjal’s time today is devoted to artistic blacksmithing. This also gives him the opportunity to preserve an ancient tradition handcraft.

From the time of the Faroese settlement the production of tools and equipment has been of great importance in the struggle to survive in these tough islands of  the North Atlantic. Timber and iron have been scarce resources. Therefore there has been a crucial need of the appropriate skills and ingenuity. There are several examples of how skilled blacksmiths were in manufacturing iron and steel, and there are smithies and smithy relics in many villages. None of the old smithies are active today. You can experience the local history of the blacksmiths and see how they worked in the forge by visiting Mikkjal  the Blacksmith.

When you buy a product from Mikkjal the Blacksmith, it is an unique product because, today there is hardly a smithy operating a forge or practising iron casting in the Faroe Islands, therefore only few in the new generation of blacksmiths have had the opportunity to try this.

The knowledge of the old blacksmith craft is disappearing, and therefore the goal with Mikkjal’s smithy, is to give the new generation an opportunity to learn the blacksmith profession by old tradition.

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