Frösö Handtryck ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Frösö Handtryck ÉCONOMUSÉE®

At Frösö Handtryck artwork is transformed into endless patterns and printed by hand on fabric, color by color, meter by meter, on 25 meter long printing tables. In the sewing workshop the printed fabrics are turned into cushions, aprons, bags, towels etc.

Visitors are guided through the whole process, from design idea to finished products and get to see an impressive collection of well over a thousand print screens. Look through all designs and colorways. Touch the fabrics, twist and turn and find your favorites!

This hand printing company was founded in 1946 and named after its founder Enar Ström. In 1958 the company changed name to Frösö Handtryck and today it is one of the oldest living Swedish hand printing workshops for patterned fabrics.

Frösö Handtryck manage and develop a unique, valuable craft, and insist on printing textile this way because of how it creates a colorful and vivid expression in the prints, that is not possible to obtain with any other printing technique.

The company collaborates with incredible designers. A new pattern receives intense attention and is completed with mathematical precision. The design is transferred to print screens. Pigment is weighed, mixed and test printed over and over until the shade is approved. The recipe is labeled and stored among the several thousand shades in the color recipe collection. Fabric is glued to the printing table, ink is mixed and strained, the print screen is adjusted. Ink is scooped out along one edge of the screen, the heavy squeegee is lowered and the printing can begin!

Frösö Handtryck is a small company with a highly valued know-how. They have ongoing comissions for museums, businesses and designers who want help with developing prints.

At Frösö Handtryck Économusée you will meet skilled craftsmen and experienced designers. Get to know a colorful design company with its own distinctive character, that has acquired an important place in the homes and hearts of many.

Frösö Handtryck is located in an old aircraft workshop on Frösö Park, an area with a long history of military activities. Between 1926 and 2005 the Jämtland Air Command was established here. The area is beautifully situated with views of the Oviken mountains and Åreskutan. On Bynäset, located below Frösö Park, the people of Jämtland held an independent assembly, Jamtamot, annually during the 900s.

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Economusée opening hours

Monday-Saturday 10.00 am - 3.00 pm
Wednesdays open until 7.00 pm!


Frösö Park
Byggnad 114
832 96 Frösön




+46 63 434 40

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