Fjordtønna ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Fjordtønna ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Traditionally anchovies were packaged in miniature wooden barrels. This was the packaging method commonly used for shipping anchovies to consumers domestically and internationally. These miniature barrels filled with Norwegian anchovies, were a common sight on dining tables all over the world.

In Norway, several hundred thousand barrels were made annually. In 1881, 456,000 miniature barrels of anchovies of 3½ liters, were exported.

We have kept the original look of the barrel, but have made adjustments to meet the standards for health inspection for packaging material. The barrel now also has a reusable lid.

"Fjordtynna" started production in 1998 and is located far inside of Samnangerfjorden near Bergen, in an area rich with traditions of coopers.

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Normally open 7.00 am - 7.00 pm on weekdays, but contact the artisans beforehand to make sure!


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