Bunad Verksted ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Bunad Verksted ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Welcome to the Bunad Verksted at the Romsdal Museum in Molde. The museum was founded in 1912 and started production of traditional local folk costumes, in 1987. At the Bunad Verksted we make outfits from Romsdal, for both women and men. The folk costumes are reconstructed from old textiles from the museum's textile magazine. We handcuff every garment and use traditional craftsmanship in the creation of all the clothes. At the Bunad Verksted you will find an exhibition of the history of the old textiles. In our open-air museum you get an insight into old crafts in some of the old houses. Our museum shop and café can tempt you with fine gifts and local food.


 The "bunad" is made by hand, and tailored to fit its owner perfectly



Bunad Verksted is located in the beautiful modern wooden building "Krona" at Romsdalsmuseet in Molde. Well worth i visit!





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Economusée opening hours

02.01 -16.06 2019
Monday - Friday: 11-15
Saturday - Sunday: 11-16

17.06-11.08 2019
Monday - Sunday: 11-17

12.08- 30.12 2019
Monday - Sunday: 11-16


Per Amdams Veg 4
6413 Molde






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