Welcome to our farm ‘Nybo gård’. Living and working here are Anna, Torbjörn and Manne. The farm was built in 1931 and we have lived here since 1990 when we took over after Torbjörn’s father and aunts. Ever since then we have slowly developed the business around the farm. We offer a unique experience of proximity and care of animals and nature. Our beautiful cattle gets to graze freely in forests and fields.

Our animals live a natural life and spend all year outside with access to shelter from weather and wind. We prepare dried and smoked meats and sausages aswell as fresh and frozen cuts like fillet, sirloin, entrecôte and more. In addition to beef we also offer game, mainly moose and bear meat. We have a bakery on the farm, where we bake “tunnbröd”, a traditional flatbread.

In the summer we leave for our mountain holding Vikarvålvallen. The area has been a mountain pasture since 1894. Throughout the day our cows and calfs roam freely in the forest, eating grass and wild herbs before returning home at night. At Vikarvålvallen you will find our café and fully licensed restaurant in the summer. Wintertime we invite you to try our Christmas buffet!


Year-round we offer experiences suited for the season, such as game watching, grouse hunting and baking classes. We help keep the village open and have restored old farmland on several farms, fields that have not been plowed for more than 40 years. The focus of our business is natural and locally produced. We are very proud of what we are doing.


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Visit www.nybogard.se or call for current opening hours.


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