Smávinir workshop is the workplace and store of artist Lára Gunnarsdóttir where “people of all ages, abilities and origin are welcome to visit”. Her material is Icelandic birch from sustainable forests, hand carved. At her workshop visitors can view and learn from Lára as she works on her pieces, explaining the art of wood carving from Iceland’s main tree species, birch. 

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It was by conincidence that Lára Gunnarsdóttir took a birch branch in her hand and wittled her first figure. Smávinir is the name Lára chose for the objects that whe wittles and forms from Icelandic birch. The surrounding nature is Lára‘s source of ideas, as well as the cultural heritage of the artwork of the past.

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Icelandic birch has a lot of character partly because it grows crooked and knotty. Lára allows this feature of the material to flourish. In her hands, the branch transforms to a small bird, angel or other small friends. Since their paths crossed, Lára has been enchanted with the Icelandic birch and hardly uses any other material.

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Économusée opening hours
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