Mylna is a family run business, and together with his children Thomas and Janne, Elias is keeping the craft alive in the village. This mill is over 80 years old and has rare equipment, from the early 20th century. Both the machines and the knowledge of how to use and maintain them, is now hard to come by.

Volda Elektriske Mylne produces flour from diverse types of grain, all of which have been a central part of the Norwegian diet, for a very long time.

Mylna can grind grains whole meal, without removing any of the shell either before or during the milling process. At the other end of the scale, Mylna also performs well with sifted flour.

The large surface area of the millstones and the way they are carved, means that they use a larger part of the grain. Resulting in healthier products, because of the abundance of fiber, minerals and anti-oxygens retained. 

Elias the miller is freshing up a millstone

Elias, the miller is freshing up the millstone.

Thomas the new miller grinding spelt

Thomas, the new miller grinding spelt. 

Store manager Janne at the flourdepartment 290816

Store manager Janne at the flour-department. 

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