The Wood Artisan – Joel Cole art. ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Wood Artisan – Joel Cole art. ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Wood showcasing the beauty of the islands

We can begin with the fact that Joel Cole has a story to tell, as well as being a very skilled craftsman. He brings an artisan approach to his craft and wants to carry on the tradition of woodworking on the Faroe Islands. He has also stocked his workshop with high quality woods and manufactured lathes and turning tools, including some custom handmade tools he’s fashioned himself.

Joel Cole - The Artisan

As an Economusée artisan, Joel will be a creative element in the Faroese tradition of woodcraft. Woodturning and carpentry craftsmanship is not very prevalent in the Faroe Islands today, mostly because this profession has become so specialized.

The wood artisan – Joel Cole art.

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