Canning ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la conserverie

Canning ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la conserverie

Twelve generations of Langlois

At the canning ÉCONOMUSÉE®, visitors can meet the Langlois family, who have lived on the same land since its concession to ancestor Nicolas in 1669. Learn about canning, a revolutionary method of food conservation developed in the 19th century. Watch the artisans at work and appreciate homemade products based on family recipes. Visitors can expect a warm welcome from members of the twelfth generation of Langlois, proud of their rich heritage.

Unique expertise

The Langlois farm, operated under the grandfather’s nickname of Chez Médé, produces 170 varieties of top quality fruit and vegetables. In recent years, garden produce has been transformed into marinades, jellies and jams of all kinds and other canned produce. Recipes based on family knowledge cover a range of traditional preserves (ketchup, beets, etc.) and some very unusual ones (Bordeaux mixture, basil jelly). These products allow visitors to discover the art of canning from yesteryear.

An enchanting environment

The canning ÉCONOMUSÉE® is located in Neuville, 30 km from Québec City. Heritage and history are everywhere. Visit the church in Neuville, admire old houses and learn about their history (

The region is also acknowledged for the quality of its agri-food products. The Cultures de saveurs Portneuf group, of which the Langlois farm is part, promotes regional know-how and produce. ( The Auberge des 4 Délices offers some dishes crafted from vegetables grown at the Langlois farm. ( The herbalism – essential oils ÉCONOMUSÉE® is located nearby (

In short

Economusée opening hours

The Canning ÉCONOMUSÉE® will open in 2013!


1087, route 138
Neuville (Québec) G0A 2R0


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