Ciderhuset ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Ciderhuset ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Cider House is run by the Høyvik Eitungjerde family; Eli-Grete and Åge, and the next generation Tuba and Gard. Åge’s grandfather Andreas Eitungjerde established the fruit orchard in 1922. Åge was inspired by his grandfather to take up organic fruit growing and cider making.

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Guided tours and tastings

Ciderhuset offers various guided tours and tastings every day from May to September.

Cider tasting
Monday - Friday in May - September: 13:00 and 16:00

Hike and Cider tasting
Mondays in July and August: 10:00.

Cook and learn
Wednesdays in July and August: 12:00  cider program and tasting.

Heritage Walk and Cider Tasting
Thursdays in July and August: 11:30.

All activities must be booked at (click here)


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Balholm is their brand for beverages from fruits and berries – made with passion! In the cider cellar you will find the fermenting tanks and racks full of bottles waiting to become sparkling apple cider. Here is also the distillery in shiny copper to manufacture high quality fruit brandy which is going to rest in French oak casks for years.


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Family members will interpret about how they grow the fruit in the organic garden and how they transform fruits and berries into juice, cider, fruit wine and brandy. The Cider House will show how they handle the cider by the methode traditionelle:  bottle fermentation, turning of the bottles, degorging (shooting out) of the sediments, closing the bottle with a champagne cork and finally after months becoming an exclusive sparkling cider.

Guests may join the cider tasting and a meal in the restaurant.  The farm shop is open throughout the day. 

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In short

Economusée opening hours

May 20. - September 20.
Monday - Friday: 13:00 - 18:00

June 20. - August 20.
Monday - Friday: 13:00 - 21:00

Guided tours and tasting
From May 20. to September 20.
Monday -friday: 13:00 and 16:00.

Closed Saturday and Sunday


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