Aurlandskoen ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Aurlandskoen ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Aurlanskoen is one of the last remaining shoe factories in Norway and was the first Économusée in Europe! 

Aurland skofabrikk was established in 1939 by Inga and Andreas Wangen, and was run by this family for three generations, until local investors took over in 2008.

Aurland Shoe Factory produce and sell the traditional Aurland shoe. In recent years they have invested a lot in product development and now you can find the Aurland shoe in many different color variations in addition to the traditional colors of black and natural.

The Aurland shoe has been produced since the mid 1930's. We know of 19 different shoe factory that has been operating in Aurland, and at most almost 100 people employed within shoemaking in the region. Today Aurland Skofabrikk is the only remaining manufacturer of the familiar and distinctive shoe.


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In short

Economusée opening hours

The Factory and the factory outlet is open year round.
Monday - Friday: 8-16
Saturday: 10-14

June - August
Monday - Friday: 9-17
Saturday: 10-16

Guided tours for groups available upon request.


Odden 13
5745 Aurland




+47 57 63 32 12

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