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Each ÉCONOMUSÉE is carefully concocted to make your visit memorable. Whether it's outside on the porch, inside the front doors, or woven through the garden, the RECEPTION area is where you meet the artisan or one of their helpers, and get oriented to their trade and to the working studio you're about to explore.

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Aran Islands Goats Cheese ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Fisherman turned farmer-cheesemaker Gabriel Faherty lives on beautiful Inis Mór, the largest
of the Aran Islands. Along with his wife Orla and their four children, Gabriel makes delicious
Aran Islands Goats Cheese and runs a small farm as well as a farm shop, a petting farm, a
tearoom and island bus tours.


The silverfactory has for nearly 150 years had its production in the center of Bergen, and for the first time in history, we now open the doors of this traditional workshop to the public.

Audrey Kyle Art Économusée

Audrey Kyle Art Économusée is located on a small working farm in Islandmagee, situated on the edge of the Gobbins cliffs, with a breath-taking view across the Irish sea to the western isles of Scotland.

Aurlandskoen ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Aurland shoe has been produced since the mid 1930's. We know of 19 different shoe factory that has been operating in Aurland, and at most almost 100 people employed within shoemaking in the region.

Boat Builder við Ánna

The Boat Builder við Ánna will become an Economusee during 2014. Meanwhile you can already visit and see the boat builder Johan Andreas Olsen and his son in the workshop, building small traditional Faroese boats.

Breeogue Pottery

Grainne McLaughlin a native of Sligo and her husband Tom Callery established the award winning Breeogue Pottery and Callery Ceramics in the late 1990s. Together they collaborate to produce vessel forms and wall mounted pieces.

Broughgammon Farm Économusée

Broughgammon Farm is a forward thinking family farm run by husband and wife team Robin and Millie, their son Charlie, and his wife Becky.
The farm aims to specialise in environmentally friendly, artisanal farming and food production.

Bunad Verksted ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Welcome to the Bunad Verksted at the Romsdal Museum in Molde. The museum was founded in 1912 and started production of traditional local folk costumes, in 1987. At the Bunad Verksted we make outfits from Romsdal, for both women and men.

Celtic Roots Studio ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Celtic Roots have adopted this Irish saying to describe the beauty and history associated with bogwood which has been hidden in Irish bogs for over 4000 years and which has now come into our hands to be transformed into individually sculptured pieces.

Cheese making ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la fromagerie

Come for a typically Madelinot taste experience! Discover why Pied-de-Vent cheeses are so popular. Meet the dedicated artisans and learn what is involved in a typical day in the life of a cheese maker.

Chocolate making ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la chocolaterie

An adventure into the world of chocolate awaits you at the old Montebello train station. Chocolate makers and chefs Gaëtan Tessier and Luc Gielen will be your guides at this delicious destination.

Ciderhuset ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Cider House is located in Balestrand in Sogn, a small walk from the pier and Kviknes hotel. The Cider House produce traditional Norwegian apple cider. They grow their own apples and have over decades developed different sorts of fine cider, from sparkling to fruit brandies.

Connemara Smokehouse ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Family owned and run by the Roberts Family since 1979, Connemara Smokehouse is the oldest smokehouse in Connemara and one of the oldest in Western Ireland.

Creamery Can Économusée

A working family farm with a coffee shop and ice cream workshop. The whole concept of The Creamery Can coffee shop was birthed out of a desire to take a love of home cooked food, enjoyed with friends and family, from the kitchen table to the wider community.

Erpsstaðir Creamery ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Rjómabúið Erpsstaðir/ Erpsstaðir Creamery is a family run dairy farm where honesty and transparency are the foundation of the production. On the farm, the milking cows live in the best possible conditions. Under the same roof, the farmers diligently produce their products with the aim of opening up new dimensions in the experience of dairy products and at the same time honouring old traditions.

Fjordtønna ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Traditionally anchovies were packaged in miniature wooden barrels. This was the packaging method commonly used for shipping anchovies to consumers domestically and internationally.

Frösö Handtryck ÉCONOMUSÉE®

At Frösö Handtryck artwork is transformed into endless patterns and printed by hand on fabric, color by color, meter by meter, on 25 meter long printing tables. In the sewing workshop the printed fabrics are turned into cushions, aprons, bags, towels etc.

Gemstone Cutting ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la taille de pierre

Facing a majestic fjord, the gemstone cutting ÉCONOMUSÉE® offers visitors an unforgettable experience, the transformation of gemstones. Observe Giuseppe Benedetto cut, polish and engrave gemstones from Quebec, including amazonite, hypersthene and labradorite.

Hazelwood Herb Farm

Hazelwood Herb Farm is a unique place where you can see, smell and taste the genuine quality of products made with herbs cultivated and processed on site, as well as discover how herbs are transformed into culinary, cosmetic and household products by artisans who are passionate about their craft.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk is a family owned wool spinning mill founded in 1898. It has been in the same family for four generations. The mill is one of Norway´s most long established wool – and yarn producers.

Hillstown Brewery Économusée

Visitors to Hillstown Brewery can see up close how this traditional working farm has diversified to meet the growing demand for artisan products, including producing craft beer and wagyu-style beef. The café and farm shop also offer produce from the brewery and farm, to enjoy on the premises or take away.

Hot Milk Forge Économusée

Hot Milk Forge is a Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing School based in Glenravel, the gateway to the infamous Glens of Antrim. Hot Milk Forge runs evening, weekend and day classes in basic to advanced Artist Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing. Evening classes are open to everyone above the age of 16.
At Hot Milk Forge blacksmiths weld with fire, not electricity. Imagine making your own fire side set, wrought iron gate, gifts for your partner, sculpture…. the list goes on.

Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri ÉCONOMUSÉE®

From the best ingredients, using traditional brewing techniques. At Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri beer is produced with artisanal methods. All beers are made from scratch: Malt is crushed, cast, wort is boiled with hops. Fermentation takes from 2 days up to 10 for the strongest brews.


Leir 7 creates and produces goods from the Icelandic clay found in the Fagradal valley of Skarðsströnd, Dalir. The workshop and gallery are open all year round.

Merridale Ciderworks

Merridale Cider Estate Merridale is a gathering place where all are invited to enjoy traditionally crafted cider products.


Mylna is a family run business, and together with his children Thomas and Janne, Elias is keeping the craft alive in the village. This mill is over 80 years old and has rare equipment, from the early 20th century.

North Coast Smokehouse Économusée

North Coast Smokehouse is a family run business based in the seaside town of Ballycastle, specialising in smoking foods naturally—particularly smoke-roasted organic salmon, smoked sea salt, smoked pepper and smoked dulse seaweed.
Artisans Ruairidh and Melanie invite you to visit their smokehouse and experience the traditional craft of food smoking.


Welcome to our farm ‘Nybo gård’. Living and working here are Anna, Torbjörn and Manne. The farm was built in 1931 and we have lived here since 1990 when we took over after Torbjörn’s father and aunts. Ever since then we have slowly developed the business around the farm. We offer a unique experience of proximity and care of animals and nature. Our beautiful cattle gets to graze freely in forests and fields.


Oleana has a fantastic group of employees with extensive experience in the textile field. With their skilful and clever hands, they start work every morning, and the advanced knitting machines don't stop until night has fallen. The employees are hired on the basis of their expertise, the pleasure they take in their work, and their good humour.

Oselvarverkstaden ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Oselvar Boatyard – is a foundation, founded 1997 to save the craft of building the traditional Oselvar boat, and to bring the knowledge and skill over to new generations of boat builders. Until summer 2012 the boat yard has built 75 boats of different size and for different use.

Pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE® de la poterie

A wheel, a kiln, some good clay and many hours spent shaping pieces that evoke the shapes of other cultures epitomized by human and animal representations: this is what the pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE® is all about.

Scullion Hurls ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Nestled in the heart of the north Antrim village of Loughguile where hurling is the life blood of the community, Scullion Hurls is a family run business with 30 years experience in the production of hand finished hurleys.


Welcome to an organic tannery! Tanning is the process of transforming animal skin to leather and furskins; materials necessary for mankind through history. All our tanning and fur preparation is done in a traditional, organic manner. Instead of chemicals we use mainly eggs and rapeseed oil.


Smávinir workshop is the workplace and store of artist Lára Gunnarsdóttir where “people of all ages, abilities and origin are welcome to visit”. Her material is Icelandic birch from sustainable forests, hand carved. At her workshop visitors can view and learn from Lára as she works on her pieces, explaining the art of wood carving from Iceland’s main tree species, birch.

St Tola Goat Cheese

St Tola Goat Cheese has been made in the townland of Inagh, just south of the Burren in beautiful County Clare, since the late 1970s. The farm is just a few miles from the Wild Atlantic Way and is surrounded by beauty and the luscious Irish countryside.


Steensons was established in 1976 by husband and wife team Bill and Christina Steenson after they graduated in Silversmithing from the University of Ulster.

Stine Hoff Kunstglass ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Stine Hoff has been designing and blowing colourful glass-objects since 1990. Her glassblowing education was done at Brabrand school of glass in Denmark and Orrefors school of glass in Sweden.

Storsjöhyttan ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Storsjöhyttan was founded in the Autumn of 1995, the first studio glassworks in the county of Jämtland. It is owned and run by three women bold enough to put their passionate feel for the craft to practical use in a part of Sweden without any glassmaking tradition!


Syse Gard is a traditional farm in the fjords of Norway. The climate locations gives very good conditions for growing fruit. Gro and Hans are the fifth generation to run the farm.


In the magnificent scenery of Trøllanes village is Kallsgarður and Mikkjal´s Smithy. Mikkjal invites you to discover the history of the Faroese blacksmith craft from the vikings and up until present time.

The Wool Spinning Mill - MONA ÉCONOMUSÉE®

You find the Spinning Mill Mona in the heart of Klaksvik. It is located in a renovated historic building, which was built in 1946 as a spinning mill. The building is architecturally interesting, as well as historically.

Tingvollost ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Tingvollost dairy farm is run by the Waagen-family at Saghaug Gård in Tingvoll in Nordmøre. The farm has a long history back to 1303.
Tingvollost makes blue and white mold cheeses based on pasteurized cow's milk from their own farm.

Tønnegarden ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The art of coopering is diminishing but at Tønnegarden the production is going at full speed. With a modern workshop up and running, the family offers a unique experience in learning how barrels are made.
Groups of visitors can book a guided tour in the work shop and a nice meal of homecooked food, if desired.


TUTL became an Economusée in 2013, the worhshop and TUTL shop situated on the main street of Tórshavn, Capital of Faroe Island. When you visit TUTL you can experience the width of Faroese music, from the original roots to the modern composers and artistic experiment.

Ursa Minor Économusée

Ursa Minor is a Real Bread Bakehouse situated on North Coast of Ireland. Unique hand shaped sour dough loaves and french style patisserie are some of the many treats on offer. Why not pay a visit and discover what inspired Dara & Ciara to open Ursa Minor?