What is an Économusée?

Each ÉCONOMUSÉE is carefully concocted to make your visit memorable. Whether it's outside on the porch, inside the front doors, or woven through the garden, the RECEPTION area is where you meet the artisan or one of their helpers, and get oriented to their trade and to the working studio you're about to explore.

Once inside, be sure to visit the EXHIBITION area, where historical objects and pictures weave a story of the traditions and creativity of craftspeople past. It could be an entire room, or a wall, or a display hanging from the ceiling above you.

The CONTEMPORARY GALLERY is where the you can see how traditions of the past evolve to meet modern needs and tastes. The results can be delicious, or kooky, but they're guaranteed to inspire. The beating heart of the ÉCONOMUSÉE is the artisan's WORKSHOP. This is where you can see the evolution of craft in action! Watch your host spin a ball of yarn, polish a pewter ornament, or melt wild berries into tasty preserves. Ask questions about the process, techniques, and materials while high quality items are hand made in front of your eyes.

Now you're curious? If you want to delve deeper into the specialty of the ÉCONOMUSÉE you're visiting, head to the DOCUMENTATION area. Pull up a chair and browse through magazines, articles, books or videos that further distill the story of the craft. An ÉCONOMUSÉE is a fascinating place to visit and learn. But it is also a sustainable business, funded through the sale of its products. In the BOUTIQUE you can purchase the items that you watched being made, and take a piece of living history home!