Norway: Tingvollost ÉCONOMUSÉE® -New member

On Saturday, June 1, Tingvollost Économusée was officially opened. - It was celebrated with sending the cows on their summer pasture and a concert with Frode Alnæs, says CEO Solvor Waagen. The cheese producer is widely known for making the world's best cheese.

Contribute to viable local communities

- It was The Royal Norwegian Society for Development who took the initiative to transform Tingvollost into an Économusée. They also contributed with scholarship funds and applying financial support from others. We were very pleasantly surprised, they have done a great job, says CEO Solvor Waagen.

The Royal Norwegian Society for Development has also written the extensive feasibility study that forms the basis for becoming an Économusée, and has been advisors to Tingvollost in building up the various elements that such a "living museum" consists of.

- When a craft company becomes an Économusée, it is more than just the development of the business itself. The cultural heritage is preserved, it contributes to recruitment to the craft industries, and not least, it contributes to the development of the local community, said development manager Kari Clausen in her speech during the opening.

Family-run dairy farm and the world's best cheese

Tingvollost is a family-run farm where they produce white and blue cheese based on pasteurized cow's milk from their own farm, Saghaug gard. The cheese production take place in a separate dairy which was built in 2006, and which has now been expanded with 225 square meters. Next to the dairy is the barn, built in 2008. From here, fresh milk comes straight into the two cheese vessels, each with a capacity of 700 liters.

The cheeses have won numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, but the most prestigious prizes came in 2016 when Kraftkar was rewarded as World Champion (the world's best cheese), and Champion of Champions (the world's best cheese through the competition's 29-year history) during World Cheese Awards in San Sebastian, Spain.

Foto: Hanne Stensvold

Great support

In the autumn of 2018, the construction of larger premises at Tingvollost started. Now they have more space and facilities for production, employees and of course for visitors who want to see how the cheese is made.

Innovation Norway has contributed funding the expansion of the dairy. The local bank Sparebanken Møre sponsored the opening event and the dairy. Møre og Romsdal county council, Tingvoll municipality and The Royal Norwegian Society for Development have contributed with funds to the development of the Économusée.