The first Économusée in the county Møre og Romsdal is launched

Mylna opened as Économusée on November 30th, and leader of Culture and public health Marit Nerås Krogsæter Møre og Romsdal county opened Mylna officially.



 Picture 1: Marit Nerås Krogsæter Møre og Romsdal county opened Mylna  Économusée.


Many greetings and congratulations were given to Mylna from national and local actors:

Greetings from Volda municipality by the chairman Jørgen Amdam greet Mylna, and councilor Rune Sjurgard attended. Greetings came also from Høgskolen í Volda by Høgskulelektor Food Culture and Health, Kari Ryslett, and Chief Executive Officer Karen Lomeland Jacobsen. Rector Johan Roppen also participated.

Greetings came from Kari Clausen, Director Development in Royal Norwegian Society for development, and Kåre Spissøy project manager Craft Reach Économusée network.

IMG 0035

Picture 2: Manager Elias Moe, his son Thomas Moe, Kari Clausen from the Norwegian Society, and Elias daughter Janne Moe. 

Music and song with wooden ornamentals was conducted by John Inge Bjøringsøy and Tonje Aakre. 

Director Simen Bjørgen  Norwegian Cultural Memorial fund “Norsk Kulturminnefond) , gave Mylna a plaque for good conservation work. The building and the machines have been preserved for the future and were supported by the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund in 2010

Mylna appears as a professional and important company in the protection of the cultural heritage within the mills field. Volda Electric Mylna is the only mill of this kind in Norway, and the Économusée establishment is important for strengthening the dissemination dimension.

Butikk fasade2

Picture 3: The shop.

Mylna will be important far beyond the local area and also of national interest. It was great that Mylna became a new Économusée, and it will ensure the transfer of knowledge about both raw materials, equipment, processes and end products like flour for private consumption and the bakery industry.



Picture 4: It was served porridge with oats and spelt, and blueberry cake of spelt and wheat.

The company is innovative and try new products that can be used in the bakery. The blueberry cake contained, among other things, leaflets that have valuable fatty acids, sugar and minerals.

The manager Elias reports of a lot of positive feedback from the presenter, and Gunnar Bakke, general manager of the bakery and confectionery industry, told us that it was a very interesting and enjoyable day and think that Mylna has developed an exciting business. He will try to realize a craft bakery related to the mill.

-With Mylna there is in total 13 Économusée in Norway, mostly in the county Hordaland where it all began. The objective is to establish a national organization and a network of Économusée for the whole country. The concept will organize the craft companies in a way that should increase visitors and the turnover. At the same time the old handicraft will be kept and create new jobs in the local society, says Asbjørn Stavland, project leader from Norwegian Society for Development.  

We all welcome Mylna as a new Économusée and wish good luck.