2nd International ÉCONOMUSÉE® Network Conference

Ocotber 15-19, 2017
Bergen, Norway

The ÉCONOMUSÉE Network (EN) is growing rapidly in different countries, provinces, and territories, and is soon to welcome the100th Économusée to the fold. Artisans have met at national and provincial forums over the years, the last international meeting taking place five years ago in Quebec City, Canada.

Artisans across the network now want to explore all the benefits of being part of an international body and to look at how the EN could be strengthened. The Craft Reach Project currently under way, funded by the Northern Periphery and Artic Program and bringing together Northern Europe partners and the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network Society, aims at building cross border relationships between artisans so that they can share experiences and ultimately increase their sales throughout the network.

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the first expansion of the network in Northern Europe and to mark the 25th anniversary of the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network Society in 2017, it was high time to organize this second international meeting of the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network for the benefit of member artisans. The event consists of three parts, starting with one day of économusée visits, continuing with a two-day conference, and closing with more économusée visits, including a tour of the fjords of Norway. The first and last parts of the event are optional.


— Bringing artisans together to learn from each other and establish new connections across the growing international network

— Fostering a sharing of experiences and best practices among artisans

— Strengthening relationships between all partners

— Discovering the Norwegian ÉCONOMUSÉE

— Crafting the future of the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network

Fully program for the conference: http://www.economusees.com/images/magazine/ECONOMUSEE_Conference_2017_eng.pdf

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