Craft Reach project steering group meeting in Jämtland Härjedalen, Sweden

The Craft Reach project had its 7th partner meeting in sunny Östersund 12-16 June 2017. The local partner, Ingela Fredell and her staff from Region Jämtland Härjedalen had put together an exciting program including visits to Nybo Gård and KGB Économusée.

On Tuesday, the project steering group had its long meeting with many different matters on the agenda. How to continue the important work after ending the project was one of the important matters. Every country wants to continue working with the Économusé concept, and increase the network. It is also an objective to get the artisans in the international network closer and identify how they can collaborate more. That is one of the reasons why we will arrange the 2nd International Conference in Bergen, Norway in October this year. The program is soon ready to be launched, and we hope that it will be a fruitful conference for the artisans from different countries.

Back to Sweden. On Wednesday, we visit Nybo Farm, the farm is run by the family Anna, Torbjörn and Manne. Thorbjörn’s father built the farm in 1931, and they now breed Highland cattle and sell their meat in different products. They have a restaurant in the middle of the forest, that is very popular during Christmas. They also have a farm shop with a bakery where they sell flatbread and meat. At Nybo Farm many of us tasted meat from bear for our first time! Nybo Farm is in the process of becoming an Économusée.

We also visited KGB Économusée – Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri – that is a microbrewery located in Klövsjö in Jämtland. The brewery was founded by brewer Jan Zakrisson and has been running since 2010. They offer guided tours in the brewery, an exhibition, a restaurant and a shop, beer tasting, and you can even make your own beer! Jan’s daughter and her husband run the restaurant, and we were lucky to have dinner at this lovely place. Reindeer from Sweden was on the menu, and it was just delicious. Highly recommending a tour to the KGB Économusée!

In our last day, Thursday, circular economy was on the agenda. How could we not waste anything? How can waste from one value chain be used as a resource in another value chain? Johan Åkerström led a workshop with this as a theme. We had good discussion about how our Économusées can be more aware of this, although many of the Économusées already are focusing on this critical issue.

After the workshop, we visited Storsjöhyttan Économusée in Östersund. It was founded in 1995 as the first studio glassworks in the county of Jämtland, and it is owned and run by three women. They have succeeded in building up a reliable market for their confidently designed glassware. The three owners, Nilla, Ulla and Anna Lena met at the Orrefors School of Glassmaking and there they conceived the idea of a glassworks of their own. We all got the opportunity to try to blow glass, which is quite difficult!

Outside the glasswork studio Ingela had asked a black smith, spinnery-maker and a ceramist to put up a small workshop so that we could try the different handicraft. Great fun!

See you all at the conference in Bergen!

Ingela Fredell, with the magic key! 

Dinner at KGB Restaurant, highly recommended by the Craft Reach project steering group! 

Workshop with circular economy on the agenda!