The season is starting.

Kåre Spissøy, Craft Reach project leader, continued his tour of the partner countries in May. Next in line was Iceland, May 8-9th.

After short visit to Matis, two very different Economusee where visited together with Thora Valsdóttir, Matís: Erpsstaðir Creamery and the Tannery visitor centre.

At Erpsstaðir Creamery in Dalir the preperation for the following season is on full swing. Despite officially closed until May 15th and in full action redesigning the visitor centre, customers were standing on the door to buy. No worries, all customers were of course served. Official opening as Economusee is planned in late June. This will be the first phase of the visitor centre transformation, second will take place next winter.

The Tannery visitor centre in Sauðárkrókur is one of the first Economusee in Iceland. This is a very good example of how Economusee can be. It has unique production, based on tradition and innovation. A very conseus company focusing on sustainability from all aspects. From its perspective Economusee concept is a good match to the way the company operates, however to use its full potential, more cooperation would be beneficial on the marketing site.

On the way back to Reykjavík, we had a very good meeting with the the Federation of Municipalities in West-Iceland (SSV), located in Borgarnes. The topic of the meeting was How to use the Economusee concept as a driving force in regional development. The concept of Economusee was introduced as well as the network, the Craft Reach project and its activities. Lively discussions where possibilities for future cooperation were explored.


skinn kare web

Kåre Spissøy with Thorgrimur Einar Gudbjartsson

dyreskinn web

symas web

The Tannery Visitor Centre: from the store, fish skins in all kinds of colours 

kaare web skinn

The Tannery Visitor Centre: Steinunn Gudsteinsdóttir explaining the production of fish leather for Kåre Spissøy


Craft Reach, Bergen 30.05.17