Project Manager’s Notes

The next events coming up for the Craft Reach project are first to get started with the reporting of the 4th project period, which ends the 12th of April. During the following month, all the partners shall have their claim 4 ready for submitting to the controllers. The controllers then have two months to check through everything. Before June 12th, we shall have a finalized project report including all the FLC certificates, ready for submitting to our Joint Secretariat in the NPA.

During the reporting work of claim 4, we will also solve several improvements requested by the JS. A detailed list of improvements will be presented on mail to everyone. We will also detail our plans, budgets and activity plans for the remaining parts of the project.

Just at the time of the submitting of the project report in June, we have also the PSG meeting in Sweden which is scheduled to week 24. A main topic for this PSG will be overall strategies for the ÉCONOMUSÉE® Network Society as well as exit strategies for the partners in the Craft Reach project.

In October 2017, we will meet in Norway for the 2nd International ÉCONOMUSÉE Network Conference. We have proposed the dates 16th – 20th of October and we hope for an interesting program with lots of Économusée to visit, good food and many Artisans to get to know! All the partners have been invited to bring along their Artisans for this conference. As we at this time are closing in for the finalization of the Craft Reach project, it will be quite a few things to start wrapping up.

We are looking forward to the next months!

Kåre Spissøy

Project Manager

Craft Reach