Great activity of Économusée in the Faroes

These days, the establishment of new Économusée in the Faroe Islands are well under way. The new Économusée members; Atlantic Basalt and The Wood Artisan, Joel Cole, are expected to be officially launched as an Économusée and will open their doors to visitors in late May. This will bring the total number of Économusée on the Island to six.

Tourism in the Faroe Islands is fast growing, and the number of visitors increasing. Most tourists are seeking authentic experiences, Faroese nature and culture, but not least, local food and craft traditions and this is exactly what the Économusee concept offers.

The challenge in the Faroe Islands is currently implementing Économusée activities in the tourism organizations and creation of an active network between the actors, but this work is in progress.

On April 30, a meeting was held at the University in Torshavn, with the new coordinator of the project Kåre Spissøy from Bergen in attendance. The meeting dealt with the status of the project and planned activities for 2017 and 2018 as well as a discussion about an exit strategy.

Project manager, Kåre Spissøy, will be visiting Ireland i the end of April and Iceland in the beginning of May. 


The picture below shows Kåre Spissøy visiting Economusée Tutl the Music Hub, here he is with Shop and Distribution Manager Olivur Eystberg.

 Tutl web



The second image is from the meeting at the University. From left, Kåre Spissøy, Ólavur and Asta Poulsen, representatives of the tourism, and the artisan Heini Tausen from the Atlantic Basalt.

Uni web