New Project Manager for Économusée Craft Reach

Kåre Spissøy has recently been appointed as Project Manager to lead the final part of the Économusée project safely to finish line. He is 52 years old and live on an island south of Bergen. He has a vast range of experience including large international projects in Telenor, advising entrepreneurs and also several startups on his resume.



His first meeting with the partners was in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland in February 2017, where the 6th project steering group meeting took place. We have taken a few minutes of Kåre's time to ask him a few questions;


Kåre, what is your first impression of the project Craft Reach?

The project’s activities have a good progress in most areas, which is promising. I met many nice and engaged people. I look forward to getting to know everybody better.


What will be your main focus in the first month?

Getting to know the details and bits and pieces in the project and to support the reporting process.


You knew a little bit of the concept Économusées before you started, what is the novelty of a visit to an Économusées?

In an Économusées, you will experience real life crafts, performed by actual people. You will get to know the roots of the people, the historic and artistic of craftsmanship, as well as nice designs and welcoming environment.


What would you say are the benefits for an artisan to become an Économusées?

Professionalism in the presentation of their products, participation in an international network and extending their business opportunities towards tourism in addition to strengthening their identity as bearer of the cultural heritage.


Kåre will be in Norges Vel office in Bergen once a week, and he will strive to have a close and good dialog with all the partners. We wish him good luck with the important work in this last project phase.

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