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Craft Reach project steering group meeting

The Craft Reach project had its 6th partner meeting in lovely Ballycastle in Northern Ireland in early February 2017. The local partner, Causeway Cost and Glens Heritage Trust put together an exciting programme including  visits to several enterprises that are soon to be launched as Économusées. 

New Project Manager for Économusée Craft Reach

Kåre Spissøy has recently been appointed as Project Manager to lead the final part of the Économusée project safely to finish line. He is 52 years old and live on an island south of Bergen. He has a vast range of experience including large international projects in Telenor, advising entrepreneurs and also several startups on his resume.

What is an Économusée?

Each ÉCONOMUSÉE is carefully concocted to make your visit memorable. Whether it's outside on the porch, inside the front doors, or woven through the garden, the RECEPTION area is where you meet the artisan or one of their helpers, and get oriented to their trade and to the working studio you're about to explore.